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Barat Tioman Resort

The newest addition to the select retreats that endow Tioman Island, Barat Tioman is the only retreat on the island's rustic eastern side.

Barat Tioman is a beach front property, which is just as well, because it's located on Juara Beach, a dazzling stretch, where perfect sand meets perfect turquoise sea. In fact, Juara Beach is so spectacular that it featured on CNN's list of 25 Best Beaches in the World, garnering an enviable 21st place.

Spacious rooms, modern amenities, rooftop Skybar, ocean views and wonderful spa, Barat Tioman will have you day-draming of Tioman long after you've left its beaitful shores. Your ownly remedy will be to return.

Barat Tioman's spa will soon be offering reflexology treatments and indulgent body massage healing. However, for now the final touches are being put to the brand new Barat Spa gazebo. A luxurious Barat Tioman package will also be available.

To visit Barat Tioman, you can take the ferry from Mersing.

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