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Tioman Spa

Japamala Resort & Spa

Clearly, Japamala Resort's iconic design was conveived from an environmentally minimal footprint point of view.

Picturesquely set within its tranquil little cove, Japamala is the ultimate bounty island jungle-themed outpost. It offers delightful wooden chalets, ideally positioned to offer generous vistas of Tioman's turquoise ocean and lush tropical jungle, regardless of villa selected.

The Japamala atmosphere is unmistakably deluxe and romantic, yet down-to-earth and friendly.

The Japamala Spa offers a healthy range of therapeutic treatments that - uniquely - take place inside a natural cave. From pedicure to full-body deep-tissue massage to a hot tub soak perched on a cliff, the Japamala Resort experience will be a memorable one. A luxurious Japamala Resort & Spa package is available.

To visit Japamala Resort & Spa, you can take the ferry from Mersing.

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Tioman Spa

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Tioman Spa