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Tioman Spa
Tioman Spa
Tioman Spa

Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort

Paya Beach Resort has been a fixture in Tioman Island for three decades. This translates to a great deal of accumulated knowhow in how to provide the best paradie beach get-away experience possible.

Suitable for couples as well as families, Spa Beach Resort offers a range of activities, both water-based and land-based, as well as dining, indoor and el frasco.

Paya Beach Resort's Tropical Holistic Spa includes a comprehensive repertoire of healing and general wellness treatments centered on preventative therapy, relaxtion and rejuvenation, as opposed to a corrective or remedial regimen. A luxurious Paya Beach Resort package is available.

To visit Paya Beach Resort, you can take the ferry from Mersing.

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