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Tioman Spa

Melina Beach Resort

Melina Beach Resort bills itself as a family-oriented, eco-friendly resort and it shows.

The accommodation complex seamlessly blends with its surroundings almost as if assimilated into it. Nature is, for all intends and purposes, Melina Beach Resort's raison d'etre.

The mood at Melina, apart from tranquil and relaxing, is down-to-earth and informal. Don't expect a carpeted lobby or smartly suited staff. The only suits you're likely to come across at Melina are the wetsuits worn by some scubadivers. At Melina, every day is casual Friday. 

We loved the room for its less-is-more approach. It was pretty no-frills, very becoming of a secluded tropical beach resort. Just what the doctor ordered when all you want is to get away from it all. 

Melina has been recipient of the prestigious Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence multiple times and justifiably so.

Signature Treatment: Body Scrub (60 minutes).

To visit Melina Beach Resort, you can take the ferry from Mersing.

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Tioman Spa

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