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Tioman Island

Tioman is Peninsular Malaysia's largest Seri Buat Archipelago island. Tioman is located a quick ferry hop off Mersing, which has become the de facto jumping point to Pulau Tioman, as it's locally known.

Tioman's natural beauty is its main attraction. But in particular, Tioman's crystal-clear sea, brimming with coral gardens of all shapes, colors and sizes, is what draws travelers from far and wide.

As a matter of fact, Tioman's diverse marine habitats offer spectacular sea creatures, large and small, including whale sharks, dolphins, manta ray, marine turtles and countless species of exotic fish.

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Meanwhile, Tioman's tropical jungle, that until today blankets most of the island, is still pristine. Harbouring fresh mountain streams and even waterfalls, Tioman's jungle is the island's natural air-conditioning.

Not to mention the dozens of rare animal and plant species that make their home in this spectacular ecosystem.

Tioman's spectacular and signature profile is courtesy of Gunung Kajang. This mountain towers over 1000 meters high.

What's more, this oftentimes mist-shrouded extinct volcano is not only Tioman's highest mountain, but also the highest mountain of any island off Peninsular Malaysia.

Blessed with endless palm-fringed bounty beaches, Tioman once rightly claimed Time Magazine's title "One of World's Most Beautiful Islands".

With this kind of pedigree, is it any wonder that Tioman is renowned the world over for its wellness excellence.

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