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Tioman Spa
Tioman Spa
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Tioman Spa

Paya Spa

Paya Resort Spa is neatly ensconced within a manicured patch of visually pleasing flowers and shrubbery, pretty much in the middle of the retreat's premises.
The wood-themed spa sits close to the Paya Resort fish pond, which lends the wellness centre a particularly serene and inspirational atmosphere.

My booking was in the evening and when I arrived at the spa, I was met by an exotic scene filled with tropical sights and sounds, mesmerizing cricket choir included. It all made for rather an idyllic and certainly promising welcome.

My therapist was named Kumaria, a cheerful Indonesian, who later informed me had accumulated nearly 10 years' of experience as a masseuse.

It showed.

Now, whilst my therapy room was quite generous in size, it was actually meant for couples, smaller rooms are also available at the centre.

My treatment bench was comfortable, firm without being too soft or too hard. Most importantly, everything in the room was spotlessly clean. In addition, the air was fresh and nicely scented with lavender.

The only potential improvement that came to mind when the therapy session started was the somewhat louder than desirable aircon din. If this could be fixed to a more ambience-friendly hum, the rapture would be perfect.

Diminutive in stature she may be, Kumaria packs enough strength in her forearms and hands to provide the kind of soothing relief that makes a deep tissue massage so desirable. Not crossing the pain barrier, but by no means wishy-washy either. Just right.

Overall, the massage was professional as well as therapeutic, arguably the two most critical qualifications a good massage should meet. In fact, I can safely say that the treatment was nothing short of an hour of delight.

The couple of minutes enjoying a cup of home-made ginger tea at the end of the treatment was a nice way to gently emerge from the general state of blissful lethargy.

Any downsides at all to this spa experience? Well apart from the errant aircon already mentioned, I think disposable underwear wouldn't go amiss. I wasn't offered any at Paya Resort Spa. Not a huge deal, but better when included all the same.

Paya Resort Spa ticks all the right boxes. And it's value for money too.

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Tioman Spa

   Tioman Spa
Tioman Spa