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Tioman's Spa retreats and how to get to a Tioman Spa location


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Tioman Island comprises a total of six main kampungs, the Malay word for villages. In addition, there are several smaller kampungs peppered around the island, including Mukut, Nipah and Lalang.

Kampung Juara

Now, in terms of finding your way around, it's important to note that the Tioman ferry from the mainland only services the five main kampungs located on Tioman's west coast, i.e. Genting, Paya, Tekek, ABC (a.k.a. Ayer Batang) and Salang.

That doesn't mean the other kampungs are inaccessible of course; there are ways to get there as well, albeit it not quite as direct as by mainland ferry.

Kampung Genting

A select few of Tioman's resorts are fully committed to offering a comprehensive range of dedicated in-house Spa and Wellness therapies. These are the Tioman retreats that have garnered considerable international acclaim and resultant demand.

Idyllic moments of tranquillity
Idyllic moments of tranquillity

It may turn out that the Tioman accommodation you have booked doesn't have a Tioman Spa nearby. Or perhaps you're keen to try out more than the Tioman Spa in your vicinity. In either case, just let us know below. We'll send you directions and various details of the Tioman Spa centres nearest to you.
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