Getting Around Malaysia by Train

The fun way to travel


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If your Malaysia holiday involves covering a lot of distance, then going by train is an awesome way to get around. The Malaysia train system is called KTMB and it so happens that the entire network has been the subject of a multi-year upgrade. Not just the number of destinations has increased, but the train system itself, as well as the carriages have been refurbished.

The train interiors are climate-controlled, the seats are luxurious and the entire ticket order process has been moved online. Yes, you can get train tickets to each and every destination online now.

Best of all, traveling by train is cheap, because train tickets are subsidized. Plus there's no need to fill up the tank with expensive petrol, as would be the case when traveling by rental car or taxi for instance.

The other great benefit of going by train is that you can do what you like whilst your traveling from A to B. Need to catch up on sleep? Go right ahead; your seat tilts back and you have plenty of legroom. Want to polish off your blog or edit your Youtube clips whilst on the move? What better way to document your journey then by working from the comfort of a Pullman-type seat?

Then again, maybe you feel like enjoying the fantastic panoramas out of your window... When you're traveling by train, you have a at least a dozen different ways to have a blast whilst en route to your next destination. On the train, getting there is half the fun!

Sold on traveling by train? You can book your train tickets right here. Just fill up the fields in the form below and hit "Book Now". You can then decide if you like the options presented to you. And you can amend the variables to your heart;s content.
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You can use this reservation form for all the available train routes, not just in Malaysia, but in Thailand and in Singapore too.